The impact of choosing timber on the environment.

A lot of timbers positive attributes depend in part on whether the forest it comes from is renewed. Third party – forest certification standards like FSC , or the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, offer proof that the forest has been managed for environmental, social and economic values, both now and in the future.

More specifiers and buyers are demanding timber products that are drawn from, and through a chain of custody that supports sustainable forestry management. They choose wood because it looks great and has many environmental characteristics; including renewability and is easy to work with. As well as these characteristics trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as they grow (particularly when newly planted),sequestering and storing the carbon and produce oxygen.

This means that the greenhouse gases are reduced improving air quality and reducing the effects global warming. Forest benefit local communities in other ways including clean air and water, employment,commercially valuable products, and  wildlife habitats.

Taking all these benefits into consideration, do you agree that choosing timber doors for your project is a wise choice.

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