No timber without trees

Much of the world’s tropical timber is still supplied from natural forest, but under current systems of management the forests are rapidly becoming exhausted. Unless management practices change to become genuinely sustainable, neither the forests nor the essential contribution of the timber industry to many economies will survive.

At Eco Door Systems we ensure that our suppliers work in a sustainable manner and we strongly support international efforts to improve forest management. We will not trade in timber species prohibited under appendix 1 of the convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) legislation.

There are more than fifty regional or national forest certification schemes operating throughout the world, therefore association with a single party may limit our sources and material scope. It is our public commitment that all of the timber we use is sourced from responsible suppliers who are carefully selected, fully certified and third party assessed.
In his book Duncan Poore reviews the extent to which natural forests are already being sustainably managed for timber production, and looks at how these practices can be enlarged. He places management for timber in the wider context of tropical forest conservation and outlines a strategy for further action. Thoroughly researched and accessibly written, this book will be useful for everyone working or interested in the subject of tropical forests.

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