Fitting Importance

Thank fully the fashion for clothes that are too tight or ill fitting has essentially passed. Most people though, have embarrassing photos of their younger selves in clothes that look ridiculous in time.

The thought of the money that was wasted on poorly fitted clothes can be irritating. When a door is fitted poorly it can be expensive too because it takes its toll on the hardware that is fitted to the door. This is similar to the effect a poorly fitted car part can have on the performance of your car .

The most critical part of a door set are the hinges and if these are poorly fitted , or wrongly specified for the type and weight of door,  then it puts more strain on other hardware like the closers and the latches. In time it could even cause the seals on the closers to leak if left unattended. Other more obvious effects can be simply the failure of the doors to close properly, which can have an effect on the effectiveness of the fire and smoke compartmentalisation.

This has can obviously have serious consequences in the event of an emergency. So it is the responsibility of both the architect and main contractor to ensure that the doors are fitted properly. All too often as doors and ironmongery are amongst the last few items to be fitted, savings are looked for in this area, in favour of carpets and finishes. Yet people touch handles more often than that they touch the carpets, and feel good when they instinctively know that the doors work.

So in short for your project to work and be enjoyed by those using it, then the doors have a fittingly important role to play.

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