About Us

Eco Door Systems is a Scottish manufacturer of quality timber door sets and screens.Eco doorset screen 1

We produce fully certified door sets from 30 to 120 minute, as well as acoustic sets from Rw 29 dB,  lead-lined and ballistic sets, post-formed clean-room, emergency release and anti-barricade sets.

At Eco Doors we offer an extensive range of constructions and finishes in every commercially available timber, veneer and laminate in keeping with our stringent sustainability policy covering all of our materials.

Since all of our products are bespoke, there are no predetermined dimensions. We automatically take into consideration the constructions, styles and designs available. This enables us to manufacture products to suit virtually any application.

We firmly believe in pre-hung door sets comprising of the frame, door lead, vision panels (if required), architraves, stops, ironmongery, engineered as a complete package, which is factory assembled under strict quality controlled conditions and fully certified to ensure sustained quality, performance and longevity.

Our products are designed to reduce on-site labour times and costs by minimising the intervention required after delivery.

We work closely with our clients’  architects and contractors to ensure that the client can be assured that the fire, smoke, acoustic durability and other performance requirements are being met.

To discuss how we can help you make your project outstanding, contact us.


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