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Taking Stock

From time to time it is good to take stock by looking not at the challenges ahead but to review how far you have come. This gives you the confidence to know that you can meet the challenges you face

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What a difference a door makes

When you think of redesigning your work space, I’m thinking about what role the doors play in that space isnot high on your list. Let me share a secret with you, that’s a mistake! Talk to any interior designer and

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Fitting Importance

Thank fully the fashion for clothes that are too tight or ill fitting has essentially passed. Most people though, have embarrassing photos of their younger selves in clothes that look ridiculous in time. The thought of the money that was

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Delivering Quality

There is always a way of doing something slightly cheaper, whether it be doing it yourself, or buying a cheaper product. However when price is the only consideration, buying in haste leaves time to regret at leisure. The quality of

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Doors as part of a buildings fire compartmentation

When specified and manufactured correctly timber doors can save lives, by ensuring that in the event of a fire it doesn’t spread from one fire compartment to another. The fire compartmentation is the division of the building into discrete fire

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No timber without trees

Much of the world’s tropical timber is still supplied from natural forest, but under current systems of management the forests are rapidly becoming exhausted. Unless management practices change to become genuinely sustainable, neither the forests nor the essential contribution of

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Simple pleasures

Simple pleasures are the best . What has that got to do with timber doors? Well to borrow another cliché, they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the simple, pure, natural beauty of wood makes

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The impact of choosing timber on the environment.

A lot of timbers positive attributes depend in part on whether the forest it comes from is renewed. Third party – forest certification standards like FSC , or the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, offer proof that the forest has been managed for

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